Tresor La Nuit Edp

Tresor La Nuit Edp

Eau de Parfum

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Composed of the rarest raw materials: a bewitching Heart of Black Rose Essence with an erotic hint of Vanilla Tahitensis Orchid Absolute under a mysterious cape of Incense, Papyrus Essence and Lychee Praline.La Nuit Trésor is born out of a fascinating enigma. An infinitely poetic tale of two stars irresistibly attracted towards each other to the point of collision. This rare phenomenon, occurring just once every 100 years, is said to create a shower of particles that regroup on contact with the atmosphere to gradually create a substance known as black diamond. Rare and intense, magnetically coloured, this incomparably beautiful gem of pure mystery is born out of a stellar thunder clap. It’s no wonder it is so deeply desired and intensely inspiring for the world of jewellery. Endowed with a mystic aura, it is even said to contain substances found nowhere else. Admired for millennia, today, this legend inspires the most captivating of fragrances. First Aphrodisiac Gourmand created for Lancôme by two stars of French perfumery as the new love philtre of the 21st century/21st century’s new love philtre. It symbolizes a sultry night, when lovers embrace with Absolute Love.

Discover La Nuit Trésor, a sultry, smouldering perfume for women with notes of fresh raspberry, frankincense, and vanilla, with a bewitching heart of Black Rose essence.

This new fragrance is Lancôme’s first ‘Gourmand Woody Floriental’ perfume, a scent of passionate love - as showcased in the new advert featuring the beautiful Penelope Cruz.

This rich and exquisite women’s perfume was crafted by two master perfumers who combined their craftsmanship to create La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum. Beginning with a burst of delicious raspberry, the notes of a Damascena rose have then been enhanced to give the fragrance a deep and mysterious scent. Vanilla, grown on the petals of an orchid in Tahiti, gives the fragrance a solar and radiant note.

Top Note: Lychee, Raspberry

Middle Note: Rose Damascena Essence, Incense

Base Note: Absolute Vanilla Orchid Tahitensis, Praline, Patchouli, Papyrus

The Black Rose; symbol of absolute love, and the Vanilla Tahitensis Orchid; perfumery’s very own secret gem, combine with the sharpest green notes to create La Nuit Trésor’s alluring character that is reminiscent of an electric night. This gourmand fragrance is for women that believe in the modern love story. Love at first sight. The spellbound kiss. A night spent under the stars.

Spray about 20 cm from skin, focusing on the warmest areas of your body: pulse points on the wrists, behind the earlobes or knees to intensify the alluring effect.



Tresor La Nuit Edp
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    เหมือนต้องมนต์สะกดของกุหลาบดำ กลิ่นหอมชวนให้หลงใหลถึงค่ำคืน... ไม่อาจเปลี่ยนใจ คลายเสน่หา...
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    หอมมากค่ะ ติดทนตั้งแต่เช้ายันค่ำ เดินไปไหนมีแต่คนทักตัวหอม ฉีดได้ทุกโอกาส Top note : Lychee ,Raspberry Middle note: Rose Damascena essence Incence base note: Absolute orchid tahitensis,praline,patchouli,papyrus
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